Namsan Foldable Round UV Protective Dog Goggles - Eyewear for Dogs

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These are protective dog goggles designed for the active and working dog with fashion in mind. Protect your dogs eyes from UV radiation and dust while looking good.

Type: Dogs
Brand Name: Namsan
Material: Plastic
Item Type: Sunglasses
SKU: FSGoggles

Elastic adjustable straps head and chin, longest strap measurement is length fully stretched.
Design for medium to large sized pets

Lens length: 2.36" (6cm)
Lens width: 1.57" (4cm)
Frame length: 3.15" (8cm)
Weight: 2.05 Oz.
Head strap: minimum 11.81" (30cm)
Chin strap: minimum 9.45" (24cm)
All measurements allowed 0.4¡± deviation.

Fits medium to larger dogs, up to 90 pounds

Brand new and well made with high quality carbonate that protects your dog from fog, wind, sand, water while surfing, etc, which is recommended by vets for both physical protection as well as protection from UV sunlight. Special Sponge padded lens frames and wide nose bridge design make the dog glasses comfortable. These dog goggles are an essential accessory for every fashionable pup.

How it work:
Your dogs can wear these glasses swimming, surfing, hiking, or riding in a sidecar on a motorcycle, and they will get a lot of attention while wearing them.
Protects dog's eyes from UV and wind

Package Included: 1x Pet Goggles